1 inch type A / type B / type C

Type A, B, C format 1 inch open reel video tape
large gold-coloured tape spool with dark brown / black one inch video tape labelled: "Scotch, with exclusive protective back treatment"

1" type A video tape on Scotch spool with NAB hub

introduction to 1 inch type A, B & C video tape transfer

We are able to transfer all standards 1 inch type C open reel video tape from the US (NTSC), UK (PAL) and (SECAM). 1 inch type A is, first and foremost, an incredibly rare video tape format. It’s so rare, in fact, that it often gets left off video tape identification lists, obscured by the type C format, that was widely adopted in the broadcast world. We have one working 1 inch type A machine, an Ampex VR5103 (PAL), and several spare parts.

We offer a range of delivery formats for our video transfers. We use the International Association of Sound & Audiovisual Archives Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings, delivering FFV1 lossless files or 10-bit uncompressed video files in .mkv or .mov containers. We create viewing files as H264 encoded .mp4 files or DVD. We can deliver any other digital video files,  according to your needs. 

We can provide the appropriately-sized usb media for your files, or use media supplied by you, or deliver your files online. Files delivered on hard drive can be for any operating system MacOS, Windows or GNU/Linux and filesystems (HFS+, NTFS or EXT3).

Due to varying tape durations and their gradual physical degradation, it’s not always appropriate to create fixed prices for our services. We’ve found that assessing tapes prior to confirming costs a more accurate and fair method.

We offer free assessments please contact us to discuss your project.

1 inch type A, B & C VTR machines

1 inch type A, B & C format variation

dark brown / black 1 inch video tape on aluminium spool in green plastic case with inbuilt handle

Fuji type C 1 inch video tape in green carry case

large upright Sony 1 inch video tape recorder with spools spinning

Sony BVH-3100 PS 1 inch video recorder

gold-coloured tape spool with dark brown / black one inch video tape, with rulers indicating 9¾ inch (24.8 cm) spool diameter

1 inch type A video tape on 9¾ inch (24.8 cm) spool with NAB hub

1 inch type A, B & C video tape risks & vulnerabilities

1 inch type A, B & C VTR history