Advent 7055 laptop overheating repair

Advent 7055 running Ubuntu 8.04Just recently I’d been asked to repair what seems to be a common problem with PC type laptops over a couple of years old. Dust gets trapped in the copper fins and the fan of the CPU heatsink and reduces the efficiency of the cooling resulting in regular power off’s by the laptop as it gets over it’s upper temperature setting.

The fix is relatively easy, remove the heatsink unit, blow it clean with compressed air, clean the old CPU heatsink paste off with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and spread a thin but even film of good quality heatsink paste on the CPU. Put it all back together, keep your fingers crossed and it should be fine!

This has fixed several laptops permanently and with this Advent I could go ahead and wipe the old Windows XP Home from it and install Ubuntu 8.04 that’s fantastic and  installs perfectly without any ‘geeking around’ necessary. My only problem is the fan control from linux, but that’s another story……


any joy with the fan control ubuntu yet? my hddtemp is running very high and
i can’t get that fan working. Any help would be welcome.

no joy i’m afraid, after much messing around with lm-sensors, it seems this laptop basically doesn’t have any sensors that are available to linux at the moment – i sold the laptop anyway! these P4 based laptops have standard desktop type cpu’s so will always be bigger, heavier and noisier due to the heat…

hope you get yours sorted though…

Yeah it’s quite annoying that pc8739x chip sensors can’t be read. I’ve
been searching for a way to cool it down. Best thing i can find is a usb
powered fan that sits under the note book! cpu fan is ok but the hddtemp
reading can go up to near 60 deg c without the fan coming on. Would
really like to stick with ubuntu but not at the expense of cooking my
machine! Might just have to sell it. What did you get for it out of
interest? Post comment by all means.

Keep up the good work

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