Acer 1360 laptop motherboard replacement

I recently had a dead Acer 1360 laptop on my hands.

The power supply tested fine so it seemed likely the main board was at fault. This is a one piece board and of course it requires a full dismantling of the laptop to remove and replace.

I took a chance on an eBay board that arrived badly packaged and wrapped in bubblewrap not anti-static packaging. It stank of nicotine too!


Acer 1360 bare motherboard

Disassembly was quite easy. Only three types of screws, big and small black and silver, very idiot proof. I didn’t have a service manual or takeapart guide but this is what I did, no pictures I’m afraid:

  1. Connected my ESD wrist strap.
  2. Remove battery, hard drive, ram and wireless cards (easy!)
  3. Remove the four small silver screws in the battery compartment.
  4. Gently prise off the small covers around each screen hinge.
  5. Remove more silver screws and remove button / fan plate, keyboard and top cover (can’t remember the order but it’s quite obvious)
  6. Gently prise up ribbon cable connectors and remove keyboard and trackpad cables.
  7. Time to remove the screen – The power and video connectors on the main board need to be removed, this needs very small fingers but I used a small ceramic screwdriver to help prise it up.
  8. Remove the two black screws each side holding the screen to the main laptop body.
  9. Put screen somewhere safe while feeding the two wireless antenna cables out.
  10. Start removing everything else! All the long black screws from underneath and all the small silver screws inside the laptop some holding metal shielding.
  11. Hopefully now you should be down to the bare motherboard – remove it and put your new one in!
  12. I hope you remembered the order all the bits went back on? It’s got to be right and there’s a few bits that have to be done in the right order on assembly.
  13. I found I had to remove some parts from the old motherboard that were missing on the replacement one.
  14. Have you got ALL the screws?

I found that my new motherboard worked perfectly first time all apart from the Trackpad and buttons! We just used an external mouse instead!


Damaged inductor

I did find out later that the original damage had been caused by a heavy fist slamming into the trackpad in frustration with Windows. Inside the case there were some plastic parts that had broken off one of these inductors. This would also likely explain the broken trackpad……


interesting to see the motherboard of the 1360 i have this laptop and am currently scouring the internet to find a new optical drive for it

i got an Acer Aspire 1365LCi, virus infestation forced me to XP reinstallation but can’t boot from CD, BIOS boot settings and even F12 boot selection didn’t work. Any advice?

Your instructions were great! Thanks very much. The only clarification you should make is the screen hinge covers needed to be prised off sideways.

A good thing to do is video the disassembly! That way, you can play it back, step by step as you reassemble it. I do this with anything I disassemble – if it has more than a few steps!

motherboard of my laptop got burnt , does ny one know about any replacement scheme so that i can replace my motherboard.

Random greek 1362owner

Thanks a lot for this guide, it was quite helpful. The trickiest part is “Gently prise off the small covers around each screen hinge.”
I could have never guessed since this is the first laptop ever I’m breaking in. Also, when i finally pulled everything apart I was quite amazed at the empty space on the 1362 model. If it was a better design I’m pretty sure a second HDD or at least a better way to replace HDD could be implemented. Thanks again!

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